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Use Cases

Real Estate Solutions for Real-Life Scenarios


Relistex allows owners to list their property in advance of retirement to start earning dividends while awaiting closing, and even purchase another property in the meantime to facilitate their move

Builder's Real Estate Acquisition

Builders can proactively secure an older house for future development by obtaining an ROFR or Exclusive option and exercising it when the event occurs

ARM Mortgage Holders

Sellers facing expiring fixed rates or unaffordable mortgage can utilize Relistex to sell before the fixed rate expiration date

Life Event

Sellers who experience significant life events, such as welcoming a new family member or coping with the loss of a loved one or a tragic accident, can employ Relistex's ROFR or Exclusive option to sell their property with flexibility and peace of mind.


Investors can buy and sell real estate contracts an underlying, secure asset that will always have a price in contrast to other assets that can lose all value.

Temporary foreign labor (H1B)

With Relistex, H1B workers who would have otherwise refrained from purchasing properties can now buy real estate and list it for sale immediately, choosing a closing date when their work period ends or if they lose their job

College students

Parents with college-aged kids can now purchase living units for their children to reside in while attending college, which can be listed for long-term sale immediately


Imagine you're dealing with an imminent need for major home repairs. Here's where Relistex comes to the rescue: you can potentially secure an interest-free loan, or even turn it into a profitable interest-bearing loan using the ROFR or Exclusive options

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Features & Benefits

Revolutionize your real estate experience with these unbeatable advantages.

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Lock in Your Deal

Secure your deal today to close at a future date, avoiding (and/or exploiting) future price fluctuations.

Win-Win Proposition

Provide potential buyers the chance to buy your property at a discounted future market price, in exchange for the discount you'd otherwise pay a real estate broker essentially, a no-interest loan.

Earn Dividends

Generate additional income for homeowners by receiving dividends each time contracts change ownership.

Maximize Profits

Realize profits with a minimal upfront investment by simply making a deposit or paying a premium, and then capitalizing on the entire property price movement.

Expand Your Horizon

Diversify your portfolio by investing in pending real estate contracts.

Fast-Track Your Sale

Sell your property quicker by opening it up to investors worldwide.

Revolutionize Your Transactions: Swift and Seamless Real Estate Experiences!

Complete real-estate transactions in minutes, as opposed to the cumbersome processes currently in place.

List Free, Plan Ahead

List your house today at no cost and start receiving offers for a future date, whether it's 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, or any other term or in response to any event

How it works

Unlocking Real Estate Possibilities: Our Product Portfolio Explained

1. Listing

  • Property owners can list their ROFR (Right of First Refusal) option, specifying a future event such as retirement. This option includes a maximum expiry term and a discount percentage to be applied at the event, with the market price determined through mutual appraisal or competitive offers at that time

2. Negotiating the Discount

  • Potential buyers engage in real-time negotiations with the seller through an RFQ (Request for Quote) engine. During these negotiations, buyers can discuss and agree on a specific discount percentage (Y) and the corresponding price (X) they're willing to pay.

3. Contract Signing

  • Upon reaching an agreement between the buyer and seller regarding the discount and premium, they advance to the contract signing phase. Additionally, there is the option to engage legal professionals for a thorough legal review before finalizing the contract.

4. Contract Execution

  • Both the buyer and seller sign the contract, and the buyer pays the premium to the seller along with the platform fees, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction.

5. Ownership Transfer

  • As real estate prices fluctuate, the contract owner has the option to list the contract for sale. The contract can continue to be reassigned before the event or maximum tenor is reached, offering opportunities for buyers to capitalize on market conditions and evolving circumstances.

6. Collecting Dividends

  • As the contract changes hands before the closing date, the house owner collects dividends as contract changes ownership. This provides an additional income source, allowing them to benefit from the property's value before the final transaction.

7. Buyer Notification / Closing

  • Upon the event's occurrence or when the maximum tenor is reached, the holder of the ROFR option is promptly notified and offered the opportunity to purchase the property at the market price (appraisal value) or by matching an existing offer, reduced by previously negotiated discount.

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